Have you ever experienced intense muscle tightness after your workout which frequently led to an injury that you could not easily explain? Are you wondering why does it occur even though you are certain that you activated your muscles and stretched them and surrounding tissues properly before and after your workout?

I can help you understand why is it so important to strengthen your weak muscles which have a greater susceptibility to exercise-induced injury in order to keep the opposite muscle from getting tight again. I manage that with Muscle Activation, a technique that focuses on those weak muscles and strengthens them to keep your joints moving properly. To put it simply, if you overuse a muscle, it can become shortened. Being that that one single muscle works as a part of a greater musculoskeletal unit around a joint, when it becomes short this can create an imbalance with the opposing muscle, which may, in fact, become long. Proper movement and activation of muscles are affected by those changes in muscle lengths, which can as result restrict the potential strength and overall performance, leading to the increased chance of getting injured.

"I combine Muscles Activation Techniques with Massage Therapy"

I can teach you the basic and yet powerful exercise technique that will help you identify and the weak muscle to allow your body to become more flexible, strong and healthy naturally. In addition to muscle activation, my goal is to explain to you how your damaged, knotted, tense or even immobile muscles can be treated by using the Remedial Massage, which uses a pressure on the affected muscle and/or muscle groups in order to stimulate the blood supply, making joints more mobile, and helping you to repair damaged tissues, as well as by using another valuable technique, the Myofascial Release, which can reduce the pain by easing the tension and tightness caused by sensitivity and tightness in your tissues surrounding and supporting the muscles throughout your body.

I can provide you with valuable tips that will improve your performance and maintain your strength, flexibility and will help you avoid getting frequently injured by learning how to activate your muscles properly. Moreover, I will show you techniques how to repair the damaged and unused muscles, and how to return the lost balance into that particular muscle group as well as to give you useful tips how to perform a pressure-based technique in order to maintain your support tissue around the muscles healthy.

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