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Welcome to the space created for you to transform your limiting beliefs and habits. We lead you through the process of becoming free and making room for a creative and fulfilled life. By combining ancient wisdom with modern science we help you unlock and expand your full potential and succeed in all areas of life.








How Is Your Life Right Now?

Most people come to us for one particular reason, they’re fed up with their current situation. Do you feel stuck – like things are just OK, but not really in the flow? Deep inside you feel (and know!) that you’re capable of so much more than what they’re doing right now?

You might feel stuck in a loop, frustrated with yourself for not progressing how you would like to. Do you lack focus, clarity or motivation to make your goals real?

Sometimes, you may even find that you are going from one opportunity to another, always hoping for a better outcome. Or maybe you are familiar with the states of mental and emotional instability, such as anxiety, fears and worries that result in negative thoughts, stress and dissatisfaction. Is this how you feel?

Have you ever asked yourself the questions: “Who am I? What I really want in this life? What is my purpose in life?

How We Can Help You?

Transform your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and remove any subconscious blocks that interfere with your health and life in general

Improve your wellbeing and health by helping you to heal from illness, disease, allergies and other problems

Reduce stress, depression, anxiety, fear and other unwanted thoughts and feelings

Get clarity on the underlying thoughts and behaviour patterns affecting your career, relationships, and self-confidence

Find peace, self-esteem, balance and motivation even after trauma and loss

Break destructive patterns, addictions, habits (e.g. smoking, obesity, etc.), even phobias

Find solutions for your financial worries through changing of the mindset

Increase sports performance

Support the manifestation of your full potential in life


By Changing Your Belief Patterns You Change your Reality

Your life and the thoughts, words and actions associated with it should always reflect what is important to you. By changing your belief patterns you change your reality. Whatever it is that you wish to achieve - a better health, a change in your career, improved relationships or finances - you first need to believe in your ability to do so and support it with every fibre of your being!

In order to change, you need to understand that your beliefs create your reality. By labeling and limiting yourself based on your belief systems you create a heavy situation for yourself. In other words, if your belief systems are not working for you and your dreams, then you will feel helpless and unsatisfied.

By committing to work with us, you open to our guidance on your journey of creating your own reality. You will get to know yourself and the things that matter to you - your desires, fears, motivations, and beliefs - from a new perspective. Yes, we will help you overcome your fears! You will meet the motivation that will take you to your highest potential. You will start taking responsibility for your own life.

Yes, we will help you overcome your fears! You will meet the motivation that will take you to your highest potential. You will start taking responsibility for your own life.” ~Sebastian & Paulina, Mind and Flex Clinic

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"I was unhealthy and my body and self-confidence were at an all-time low. With guidance from the experts at Mind & Flex Clinic, I discovered that I was the author of my destiny. Honestly, I’ve never been happier, calmer or healthier. I feel like I could take on anything."

Kate McCoy

"When I contacted Mind & Flex Clinic, I was at the lowest point of my life. I had just gone through a messy divorce and my spirits were at the lowest. Looking at my life right now, it is impossible to overemphasise just how much the clinic has helped me."

Emiliano Perez

"I found Mind and Flex Clinic while searching for someone that would help me find my purpose, show me how to live more balanced life.

Sebastian and Paulina, you guys rock!

Thank you so much. "

John Stuart