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I am here to teach you simple, yet potent tools and to show you how to feel calm, confident, focused and inspired in a fast-paced, high-pressure world we live in.


About Sebastian

I help people to reduce their Stress, Anxiety and Improve their Emotional Wellbeing through Online 1-to-1 and small group teachings

SEBASTIAN: "The Human Body Cannot Be Treated Separately from the Heart, Mind and Spirit."

I am Sebastian, and my work focuses on exploring the body, mind, heart, and spirit interconnectedness. I am here to help you to understand this inner connection, take care of your emotional wellbeing and give you simple, clinically proven tools that help you reduce your stress and anxiety and live a life of fulfilment, achievement, and contentment.

My Experience

I am a Stress & Emotional Management Coach (HeartMath), Therapeutic Breath Coach, Energy Psychology (PSYCH-K® Facilitator), Meditation & Mindfulness Coach, and an advanced Bodywork Specialist (Myofascial Release, Sports Therapy, Neurology, to name just a few).

In the field of Bodywork, I have more than 20 years of experience. Through this work, I have even had a chance to work with some of the premiership footballers and celebrities. My journey has led me to help people on different levels of their beings by working with their bodies, releasing chronic pain, melting old blockages, releasing traumas, and becoming healthier & happier.

My Mission

My child-like love for life and a deep desire to help people has led me to explore different fields of science and ancient knowledge. From neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, movement and placebo to alternative medicine, Eastern philosophies, and spirituality. Through years of exploring and combining all of these researches and experiences, I have recognised one crucial truth. And it remains a mantra of mine:

“The human body cannot be treated separately from the heart, mind and spirit.”

The human body is a single mechanism, and we are "one super-advanced machine". We are the synergy between the mind, body, heart, and spirit. I have discovered that to effectively treat a person I must address this quadrant as a unit. I concluded that negative emotions and thought patterns contribute to imbalances within the body and mind.

My mission is to help people get their physical (body), mental (mind), and emotional (spirit) systems into balanced alignment through intuitive guidance of the Heart (a bridge). In a coherent state, the body, mind, and spirit synchronize in a symphony of wellness.

I Provide 1-to-1 and Group Coaching

I apply this expertise in my private 1 to 1 Coaching sessions and group teachings. I am here to teach people simple, yet potent tools and to show them how to feel calm, confident, focused and inspired in a fast-paced, high-pressure world we live in.


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To book an appointment with Sebastian or make an initial enquiry please call Sebastian on 07970 483 294, use the live chat or email using the above form.